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Volunteer FAQ

  • Do I have to have a ticket if I am volunteering?

    You do not have to have a ticket for the time that you are volunteering. However, if you want to attend the SnowBall Classic at any other time, you must buy a ticket for that time. Note that due to very limited space, volunteers are not given seat tickets and are not guaranteed to see any events. Most volunteers do not work inside the ballroom.

    Do I need to have a tuxedo or evening gown to be a volunteer?

    No. A business suit and tie or semi-formal wear for ladies are sufficient.

    If I don’t know ahead of time whether I will be available on the SnowBall Classic weekend, can I just drop by and volunteer at the event without pre-registering as a volunteer?

    No. We require all volunteers to attend an orientation and provide certain information about their expertise and experience before the event. While we are gratified for all assistance, regretfully we cannot accept unregistered volunteers at the event.

    What should I do if I register as a volunteer but find that I cannot make it?

    Please inform the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible by email to

    Will I automatically get the volunteer position I requested?

    The Volunteer Coordinator will try to place you in the position you request. However, the position you are given depends on a number of factors, including how early you register as a volunteer, the availability of the position you requested, your previous experience and any special skills you have. Normally, if the Volunteer Coordinator places you in a position you did not request, she will contact you to obtain your consent.