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Slider Post 2

  • This is a slider post! Notice the “Custom Fields” below – they are how you customize this slide. Essentially, all you NEED is the following:

    1. featured_slide_img

    The “featured_slide_img” custom field will allow you to enter a URL to the image of your choosing. Just upload it from the “Add Media” button above this text-editor and grab the File URL from the image. Remember it needs to be 940 x 284 px to fit into the slider.

    Some optional things you can add:

    2. featured_slide_caption – Quite simply, this field will add a basic text caption to the bottom of your image. No HTML, sorry! This version of the Nivo Slider doesn’t support that yet.

    3. featured_slide_destination – Want this slide to link to somewhere? Add your destination URL here.

    4. launch_this_in_a_lightbox – Want to launch a lightbox from the slide? Use this one instead of the “featured_slide_destination” and whatever link you put in there will load into a lightbox. Keep in mind there are limitations to this – it’s probably best to just link to images unless you are pretty comfortable with the prettyPhoto slider settings.

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The SnowBall Classic is Canada’s largest world-ranking DanceSport competition and offers two full days of competitive ballroom dancing and entertainment, including participants of all ages and abilities. Come to “Spectacular by Nature” Vancouver, Canada, one of the most beautiful and dynamic cities in the world, and experience the 24th Annual SnowBall Classic International DanceSport Competition on April 6 and 7, 2012.

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